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Switzerland the most beautiful places: Around the Lake Lucerne

Switzerland for me it’s not only beautiful country, but also home. However, it doesn’t mean that I already know it very well and I cannot explore more… It is actually the opposite, I still want to see more and visit new places.

Today let’s make a tour around the Lake Lucerne, or other name, Lake of Four Cantons, as this lake is surrounded by four cantons: Lucerne, Schwyz, Nidwalden and Uri. For me this Lake is super charming, it is quite big with complicated shape and mountains and hills all around. On top of that it is quite close to the big cities like Zurich or Basel, so it takes quite short time to get there. Of course there is so much to do around this Lake that it will be hard to summarize all in one post and also it depends on what you prefer to do: swimming, taking a boat tour, hiking, cycling and much more. I will introduce you then to my favorite spots around, let’s go! 🙂

Lucerne and Pilatus

Being at the Lake Lucerne and not visiting Lucerne would be a shame, this charming city is very nice and worth visit. However in my personal opinion the city itself is very touristic, but also very small, so it is nice to pass by for some short time while actually visiting the mountains around.

Pilatus is the most known mountain in the area and from its top you can see almost entire Lake and whole Lucerne. More about the trip to this Mountain you can find in the separate post – here.

Stoos – Klingenstock – Fronalpstock

This hike is really my favorite! It is not the most popular apparently, but I think it is the most rewarding and with the best views. So you start in Stoos at the station of the train Stoosbahn, which will take you first stage up. From there you can either already start hiking and go up or you can use the cable car. The most beautiful hiking trail is between Fronalpstock (1921 m) and Klingenstock (1935 m) and there are cable cars to both of these places. The most actual prices and timetable you can find here – click. We did it starting from Klingenstock and I recommend you this way as you walk looking at the Lake all the time. This is a proper mountain path, you really walk on the peaks (it was a bit hard for me at the begging as I have some high-fear, but after few minutes I was good to go and I was focused on the breathtaking views). The trail is most of the time quite flat so not very difficult and takes around 2 hrs to complete.


I think this mountain was the one I visited the most often so far (2 years ago they had a big promo for the cable car ;)). You can use the cable car and go directly to the top or hike there. We did both options and both are super beautiful.

While using the cable car, you start in Stans. The cable car going to the top is called Cabrio, so you are not sitting inside the car, you are on the roof with 360 deg of stunning views. The actual info, timetable and prices are here – click.

The second option is to hike directly to the top. There are several options and you can hike either on the Lake, north side or on the mountains, south side. We choose the mountain side, as from the Lake side if you do not use the cable car at all it takes like 4-5 hrs one way. From the other side, you can start in Wiesenberg and go up with beautiful path and it will take around 2.5-3 hrs one way.


The most popular among the Swiss people is for sure Rigi – read it in „german way” not „english way”. Located on the East side of the lake this beautiful mountain you can again reach by foot or by cable car. This trip we didn’t do recently, so sadly no recent pics, but I remember when I was younger during my holidays still with my parents, we even stay at Rigi’s top in a charming tiny monutain house for few nights. I still have this in mind as one my favorite holidays experience, even though it was raining for quite some time 😉

Wilhelm Tell Path – Seelisberg

Who doesn’t know Wilhelm Tell – this legendary and famous Swiss hero. This is not surprising then that the path which passes through the village where he was born is one of the most iconic hiking trial. This is even signed as „Weg der Schweiz” – so the „must do” list. Moreover Rutli, which is on the way is known as the birthplace of Switzerland – it is here the first pact between the cantons was signed and since then it is a special place on the map of the country. Detailed information about this path you can find here – click. We didn’t do the full one as we always travel by car and we need the return trip, but I strongly recommend you to take a full day and connect this path with the boat tour on the Lake.


This mountain is not high, so the hike is quite easy, but still very beautiful and you will not be disappointed. There is no cable car this time, but for lazy ones you can go by car almost to the top, where you have only tiny bit of walk to see the stunning panorama of the Lake. The full hiking details and description to be found for example here – click. What is interesting there is a lift on the cliff of the Burgenstock. Also, if you search for a special place to stay for the night – at the top of this mountains there are located the best and the most luxurious hotels, like for example Instagram known – Villa Honegg, with the infinity pool with one of the best views you can imagine.

Weggis i Vitznau

If you do not really want to hike, but just see amazing view of the Lake visit two small, beautiful villages – Weggis and Vitznau. The easiest and nicest to get there is either by car either by boat tour from Lucern, but there are of course convenient public transport options like always in Switzerland. From Weggis there is also the start of the cable car to Rigi, but this tiny city is worth a walk tour to admire the beauty of the lake and mountains around. Vitznau has a beautiful castle in which there is a hotel and Michelin Star restaurant – one of the best restaurant in Switzerland – this definitely is a good place for a special occasion dinner.

That’s the end of the list of my favorite places around the Lake Lucern. Anyhow, I think wherever you go in this region there will be beautiful view, the Lake, the mountains and the villages – the full landscape is stunning no matter which season.

Did you like this small guide? Would you like to visit this region one day? Or maybe you have already been in some of the places mentioned above or you have other favorite around? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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